Ok, I know I shouldn’t.  It’s not a rhyming word but this word has a cool sound and it’s been around since 1724 so I couldn’t resist.

Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : borborygmus
Saturday, August 3, 2018

Create a new post inspired by today’s prompt. Feel free to be inspired to write fiction, nonfiction or create photos, art.  You can’t make a picture that makes a person’s stomach grumble?  Really?

For those who like to rhyme, some possibilities are: us, muss, thus, bus, pus, fuss, plus, truss, beauteous, discuss, superfluous. And no, you don’t have to rhyme.  I do haiku so I’m not rhyming.

borborygmus : a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.

bor·bo·ryg·mus \ ˌbȯr-bə-ˈrig-məs \

Merriam-Webster definition & sound

Oxford dictionary definition & sound




      1. laughing, I can see that. Good word to use in polite company, “Stop that borborygmus! I can’t take you anywhere.” Only a few would know you were telling your friend/cat to stop their stomach rumblings.


  1. I just write. It used to be prose, but lately has developed into rhyme. What I write is basically fun, and mainly fiction. I will let you know when it is true, but for this one, well, how can it be anything else but fiction. I have never heard of the word, and do not even know how to pronounce it.

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    1. I have just seen it recently. I had to go listen to the pronunciation. I wanted to try to copy the sound thing from the dictionary people but I don’t know how to copy the sound. I needed to know the sound/syllables for haiku. To me it sounds like — I’m breaking it into familiar sounding words (bore bo rig muss) with the accent on bore.That’s why I put up that it rhymes with muss/fuss, etc, to help the rhymers.The word makes me think of Dr. Seuss for some reason. I understand if you can’t. See you next time.

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