Here is today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: SHAKEN. Create a post inspired by this word!

Create a pingback to this pool of thoughts!
Select the word “Shaken” on your post, click on the hyperlink icon, paste the link https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2018/06/19/rdp-19-shaken/ into the bar under URL. Once you publish your post, it will automatically appear in our comments section below. If yours has not appeared, drop us a note at Contact Us, and we will try to resolve the issue ASAP (usually meant it has gone into the moderation queue pool). Don’t be shaken, it would be fished out in a couple of hours and dropped into the rightful one. 🙂

Tag your post!
“Ragtag Daily Prompt” and “RDP” will put your post into the same pool with the others on the same tag frequency. The right hand panel has Categories & Tags, key in Ragtag Daily Prompt [click enter], RDP [click enter], and Shaken [click enter]. Once you publish your post, it will show up with others using the same tags.

Have fun~
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  3. Leapingtoes: Today’s prompt isn’t showing up at the top of the page. ‘Stellar’ is reflecting as the topmost post and ‘Shaken’ falls lower down as you scroll. At a glance it appears today’s prompt isn’t up yet. Any way to hoist it up on the homepage so visitors don’t miss out?

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  4. Reblogged this on Curious Cat and commented:

    The ragtag daily prompt for today is “shaken”. Leapingtoes has beautifully articulated what you need to do to participate. No reason to be shaken wondering how you can join the ragtag community. Follow the official page below and share your thoughts using the word of the day.


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