Hey there peeps! I hope you weren’t kept waiting too long for the day’s prompt. I popped into the website a couple of times to check what the word for the day was, completely forgetting Wednesday is my day to post the word. A week passes by so quickly! Whew!

So here goes! Our prompt for today is “check”. Use it as a verb or as a noun, compose a poem or song, quote a favourite author or singer, share some new learnings or insights – let’s have fun with the word and see how our creativity and writing skills work together.

For those who actively participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge with the Daily Post, you are invited to use the same prompt in analysing or describing a photograph. I loved the photo challenges and since Wednesday is my day for selecting the prompts, let’s celebrate our thoughts through images.

Use “ragtag daily prompt”, “RDP”, and “check” as tags if you’re composing a post with the prompt. If you’re sending in a photograph, use “weekly photo challenge” in addition to the other three prompts.

Happy reading, writing, photographing! We love to see and hear it all.



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