And here I am. Again. The Ragtag Daily Prompt is toothsome.

Oh, you’re such a handsome devil. Yes, you are.

Image from WordPress Free Media

Create a post using this prompt. Photos, Artwork, Poetry, Short Story…the options are limitless.

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Yours in pixel and prose, Perpetua



  1. Your photo confused me a bit because yes, he’s a handsome devil AND he shows off a great set of teeth … but I thought the word means something else. Anyway, I show teeth (smallish ones) in my post AND something delicious to eat.

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    1. Your post is perfect. Here’s what Merriam-Webster wrote “About the Word:
      Toothsome has more than one meaning; in addition to its ‘attractive’ sense, the word may also be used to mean “delicious, of palatable flavor and pleasing texture.” In recent years it has also begun to see occasional use with the meaning “having or showing prominent teeth,” but it is uncertain if this sense will become widespread enough to merit an entry in the dictionary..”

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