Tuesday RDP: dermatome

Very happy Tuesday and prayers for those in wars or suffering and for our medical providers and nurses and hospital workers all over the world. My Ragtag Daily Prompt today is dermatome.

Every so often I want to use a medical word. You might have to look it up, you might not. Draw a picture, write a story, write a poem (let’s see, dermatome, anyone home, are you stoned?), set up a gigantic lifesize dermatome map in your local park and invite us all to visit. Link to this and then check out the other contributions!

Have a hopeful Tuesday.

Taken at the Baltimore Aquarium in 2017. Skates have dermatomes too!



      1. That is one meaning but I was thinking of the body nerve mapping. Both definitions are correct, though I have always seen “dermatome blade” for the surgical tool.


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