RDP Tuesday: stigma

Very happy Tuesday. My Ragtag Daily Prompt word is STIGMA.

I have been thinking about stigma and discrimination. I wrote a poem called werewolf last week, about being stigmatized.

Write your story, attach your picture, what do you think is stigmatized and othered and made different and disliked? Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all exactly the same? It would be predictible? Our culture says “Be yourself.” but then sometimes it says, “No, actually, we don’t like you!” or “No, you are too weird or weird in the wrong way!” Knit a stigma hat, crochet a stigma doily, build a monument, tear up a stigmatizing book and attach the story or photograph, we want to see it!

Have a very happy Tuesday.



      1. But, after an hour talking to WP help and giving up and saying I’d just get a tech guy to come to my house, I discovered on a fluke that somehow I’d switched over to Text from Visual. Don’t know what made me hit the button to the top right of the WP screen but suddenly everything was as before!!!

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