RDP Tuesday: widowmaker

Happy Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday. The word is widowmaker.

I recently went to a person’s house. This branch was down. It is my height and about as big around as my waist. I was petrified for a minute, but my friend was not home and had been away.

I assumed he didn’t know about it.

He did. It had fallen 4-5 days before. He joked, “How’d you DO that?”

“Not me,” I said. “You or someone who’s really mad at you.”

Ok, so he is being a jerk. Because it scared me. He could have prepared me and told me it was down. Also the rest of the tree is unsafe. He’s joking about it. Fine. I delivered my package. I am not going to his house again until I am convinced it’s safe. Because there are four more branches bigger than that and the tree is HOLLOW where the branch came down. Any one could land right on his house.

Actually he was on the porch when it fell, with a neighbor.

You’d think he’d pay attention to a warning like that.

Whatever. It’s his life. Or death.

Write your story, draw your picture, stick splinters through the wax figure of someone who has wronged you, burn the tree. Connect to this so we can read it! Have a wonderful Tuesday and don’t stand under any widowmakers.



  1. Wow, I really like ALL of the submissions so far…. bravo, folks!!! I told Facebutt how great you all are….


  2. Addendum: he says it’s a sucker and the other branches are not dangerous. I guess I have to bow to his knowledge: a sawyer.


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