RDP Friday – Tired

What a week!  I can’t express how thankful I am I survived, although moments were fun and rewarding, now I’m just tired.  So, that’s today’s word.  Tired.  I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations in words, images, poems, videos, and whatever other creations you come up with…have fun!

Don’t forget to tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” (and whatever other tags work for your blog), and to create a pingback or copy/paste your post link in the comments. Then take a tour and enjoy the many interpretations of Tired.




  1. I am so sorry for all the pingbacks. WP seems to have gone crazy and published two pingbacks for this post, both for the wrong post! I’ve just published the correct one. Really didn’t mean to do this so please forgive. Fruitless Efforts is the correct poem for this prompt.


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