There are words in all languages that are special to people who speak those languages. They are words that make them feel good. One of those words, for me, is the Sunday Ragtag Daily Prompt.


It has always been about trees for me. From the Pines of the mountains, the Quaking aspens of the high meadows, the Oaks of the big valleys, to the Sycamores along the edges of the creeks and rivers. They sing to me.

Take this word and tell us a story. Any media form of discourse whether it be pictures, prose, poetry or music is acceptable. Post it here and set a pingback. Don’t forget to tag it with “RDP’, “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “ARBORIAL”.

Then, after you sit under a tree (or do whatever it is you want to do!) come back and read what other people have posted. That is where the fun is!

Hope to see you next Sunday.



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