Just in case you haven’t noticed…. I like word play. Homonyms, synonyms, homophones, contronyms and antonyms are all fun for word play. Oh, dear, I forgot homographs!!!

Sometimes, I am not even sure which category a word (or words) fits into but it is fun to see how many ways it can be used. (Yes, I am easily amused…)

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for Sunday is:


Use it in a poem, maybe a little prose, or a picture, just post it here. Don’t forget to tag it with ‘RDP’ and ‘Ragtag Daily Prompt’ and ‘LAMB’. Set a ping-back or copy and paste. And don’t forget to come back and see what everyone else has written. That’s what’s really fun!!

Have a great Sunday. See you next week!



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