Original Image: Pixabay

Our daughter’s friend wrote that she was startled recently when she spotted a dark green snake in their garden. Closer inspection revealed that it was comprised of three overgrown zucchini she’d tossed aside. They’d landed in a sort-of line and, peeking out from under the leaves, looked like a fat snake.

Yes, looks can be DECEIVING. And that can be our prompt word for today.

Please join us as we have fun with this prompt. Do a post showing your impression of “DECEIVING” and share it with the other responders, either by doing a pingback to this site (see ABOUT for directions) or, if you’d rather, copy + paste your link in the Comments box below.

Tag your post with “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” so other readers will find it. Then take a few minutes to check out the links below and read the interesting responses others have posted. You’ll find quite a variety of stories, poems, and pictures illustrating this prompt.




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