Hello everyone!
We are all facing trying times. Home quarantine, isolation and social distancing are the buzz words now. We are all worried, nervous and angry as well. Let’s all utilise this time for some introspection. The prompt for 21st March 2020 is “looking within”!

Look within, see what inner resources you can unlock and share your thoughts via prose, poetry, pictures or anything you fancy. Let’s all write daily just to let this wonderful community know that we are well and that we care.

Use “Ragtag Daily Prompt” , “RDP” , and “looking within” as tags. If you are sharing a picture, add “photo”. Pingback your posts to this page or copy-paste your links in the comments section.
Take care and be safe.




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    1. It happened to me before. Mine was because my popup blocker was switched on, not sure how that happened. I was unfamiliar with how to tweak it back, so I used Chrome/a different internet browser, and it worked after that!

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      1. Thanks! I’ll see if I can figure it out..I do have ad blocker…is that what you mean by popup blocker or is popup blocker a wp thing? I’m also getting failed to save for comments and my own writing. But if I go out and come back in then it works again for a while. So bizarre.

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      2. Popup blocker is a browser thing more than a WP thing, and it is different from the ad blocker. I use Safari, so I can configure it by going to Safari’s Preferences > Websites > Allow pop-up windows and then set to “Allow” for WordPress.com (I had to specially set to allow for a few websites I use that pop up in separate tabs/windows).
        For Google Chrome, it is at Preferences too, followed by Privacy and security > Site settings > Pop-ups and redirects.

        As for saving comments, I’ve never tried that. As for saving posts, oh gosh, I still cannot tell whether my WP mobile loads my edits or not, because it always shows as “Local changes” when I amend from my phone. I basically unpublish and republish. Tsk!! Or work from my desktop .. 😮


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