RDP Friday: RASH

Once again it’s Friday and my turn to submit the day’s prompt. The word I’ve chosen for today is RASH.  Impulsive, a skin eruption or something else entirely. Use it any way you like and share your creation with us, either via pingback or pasting a link in the comments below.  There have be some problems with ping backs recently (our most tech savvy member is investigating), so if you can’t get it to work, doing a link in the comments may be the way to go.  Thanks for your patience and for participating!



    1. This isn’t very rash, Lois, but here’s how it can work. (Ping, our tech person is trying to figure this out) From the post you have written and posted on your own site, copy its “address” Then paste that address into the comments section on RDP Friday: Rash, and a link to your post should appear. Its more cumbersome than a pingback, but should allow us to see your post.

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