RDP Saturday – PLAY

It’s that time of year.  Parents will be crowding into their offspring’s primary school, seating themselves awkwardly on small-child sized seating, to watch this year’s Nativity Play.  Maybe the recorder group will play a few carols.

Those children will be eagerly anticipating new toys to play with when Father Christmas squeezes himself down their (probably non-existent) chimney.

After the Christmas excess, we might all need to play a few games of badminton, football, whatever, to burn off those calories.

Politicians can take a few days off from playing with our futures.

Anyway, don’t play the innocent with us.  Don’t pretend you have no ideas.  Show us what you can do with ‘play.’

Play is a serious business.


  1. What I love most about this post is you used ‘Father Christmas’! I still call him that but I reckon we’re a dying breed.
    Maybe I’ll write a post on the daily word prompt. Maybe I won’t. But you’ve made my day!

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      1. I call him Father Christmas too, as that is what he was referred to here in Aus when i was young. Now though, he’s called Santa. Can’t even bring my kids out of the dark side…they call him Santa too.

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