RDP# Tuesday Prompt: ENERGY


  • those small people in the playground;
  • that compost heap promising vigour to the plants that will make use of it;
  • that souped up car speeding away as the lights turn green.
  • Or look at this giant claw turning over the rubbish at Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility.  When no more recyclable material can be picked from it, the remaining waste is burnt. The heat turns water into steam, which powers a turbine generating electricity to provide the energy for 22, 000 homes.

What does energy mean to you?



    1. Tell me about it…. I know. We could devote all our time to responding to prompts, but then… life gets in the way. I find that prompts I don’t respond to at the time sometimes surface much later on, and get used, unacknowledged, because I’m barely conscious of what’s happened in my subconscious.

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