RDP Saturday – ROBOT

Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : robot
Saturday, September 1, 2018

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Did you know “robot” came from the czech word “robota” which translates into “forced labor”?  Poor things, they need a union.

robot (noun)

1. a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.
2. (especially in science fiction) a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically.
3. used to refer to a person who behaves in a mechanical or unemotional manner.

For those who rhyme think “ot” or “aught”: Rhymezone or Rhymer

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  1. When I read — MANY years ago — “I Robot” by Isaac Asimov, I thought I had read “the manual” on robot design. But times have changed. Now robots are the foremost threat to all we little human worker bees. And they don’t worry about caring for human life, either!

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    1. I read I Robot too. I remember it as a collection of robot stores. I don’t remember the I Robot one but I do remember this other one where a robot would randomly kill a person — the owner had invested so much into the robot, that he was unwilling to give it up as they lived a life of spiraling chaos and dwindling income to protect the robot. I think the base of the problem now and in the future will be some humans care more for profit than human lives.


      1. They were short stories, but they were all linked and had a common “belief system” — created by Asimov, but which for years was how all sci-fi robots worked. In recent years, writers have broken free of the Asimov Robot truths, but in many ways, “I, Robot” was the beginning of that line of fiction. Asimov was not a brilliant writer, but he was a pretty good mathematician and he managed to define the way robots were supposed to behave so that it certainly SOUNDED like Truth (with the capital T)/

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      2. He was a pretty amazing writer and way ahead of his time. I knew he was a big influence in science-fiction but I think one reason why he seemed to define the robot thing was he pinpointed our fears — what happens if great intelligence is not counter balanced with great compassion? when you treat people as pegs on a board like they do in war, terrible decisions and actions can be made — as they has already happened in history.


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