RDP Sunday: influencer

Very happy Sunday! The Ragtag Daily Prompt is influencer.

I don’t think we used that word about people in anything approaching how it is used now back when I was a kid. Though really, I was never a television child, so maybe I missed it. Draw a picture, paint your masterpiece, insult the chief Twit, draw a crowd, a group, a mass, a whole bunch of people and link back to this site. Tag your write up RDP and Ragtag Daily Prompt. Check the other contributions and have the best Sunday you can have.

I picked up some New Yorker magazines from the library magazine pile. I took a photograph of this advertisement. The New Yorker was from mid-2022. Things have changed, haven’t they?



    1. Oooooo! The studies on placebos have always shown that people respond. Actually people who are IN a study improve, partly just because they are observed and check in. Makes me think they should have a primary care doctor and be checking in, doesn’t it?

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  1. Listen….don’t try to cut in on my hustle…Placebium sales are now part of my business model – do well while doing good.
    But seriously, many years ago, I worked for a real HMO, not managed care( Harvard Community Healthcare), and I still believe that Dr. Joe Dorsey and his merry band of healthcare disrupters really knew what they were doing. I absolutely agree with you.

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    1. I do not know much about Dr. Dorsey: fill us all in! I did find some articles but no doubt they are not the insider influencer story.

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      1. Joe Dorsey was a visionary at Harvard Medical. In around 1969 he and a handful of others founded a Health Maintenance Organization in Boston – Harvard Community Health Plan.
        By the time I went to work for them in 1971 we really had a one stop shop- pharmacy, labs, xray, specialty areas, and Nurse Practitioners. I worked in the Triage area as the Triage expeditor ( I was doing undergrad at BU). for the patient the experience was comprehensive. Among the things we did was keep people out of EW’s. Among the things we did was weekend pediatric clinics – get those kiddies in there before they hit the EW or before there was a major problem being reported on sunday evening or Monday.

        I loved my job! with my background I wound up plating cultures ( read some of the simpler ones), doing microscopics, doing lots of preliminary phone interviews, and even scrubbed for minor cases. For someone with my background it was an ideal jog – always something new to be learned.

        But Joe Dorsey…he was a visionary, and he shepherded his vision carefully. You might think that someone like me was beneath his notice, but no. Being “talked to” by Him was educational and respectful. You went away with a better idea of what you should strive for, and how to do it ( or not!).
        When I got out of grad school I couldn’t find a job in anthropology. I wound up scrubbing in the hospital they were running ( affiliated with the Brigham) for about two years.
        There is a successor organization, but it’ a health management organization.

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