RDP Sunday: intransitive

Happy Sunday Ragtag Daily Prompt! The word is intransitive.

I ran across this looking up another word. Double check your meaning, because I don’t use intransitive in a sentence most days. It would be insensitive or possibly intransigent. Now I am off on a tangent, but remember! Can you illustrate the word or draw it or photograph it or use it in a sentence or possibly for a doorstop? Add your pingback if it’s working and a message with your link if it isn’t. Please look at the other intransitive interesting intuitive interlopers and the other wonderful contributions! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Is catting around intransitive? Elwha is being more lazy and enjoying his favorite box.



    1. Oh, wow, do I not want to read a book with AR! NO NO NO NO (RUNS AROUND SCREAMING!) and yes, people already are pretty confused about reality. I saw that in clinic daily: when a person would talk about their “bronical tubes” for example. I would have to try to find a meeting place to communicate. I could try saying bronchi, but if the look I got was incomprehension, I might switch to “lungs”.


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