Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well and ready for another Ragtag Daily Prompt.  Sorry for the mix up yesterday. Let’s have another go. Here is your word for Thursday, March 2, 2023  — EXOSKELETON.

Create a post (words/images/both) inspired by this word!  Just a reminder, anyone can join in.

Link to this post by creating a pingback, or paste the URL of your post into the comments below. Then, tag your post – “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, “RDP” and “exoskeleton”.

We hope you have fun with this word and look forward to your contributions. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to catch up with all the contributions this week due to other commitments but I hope that you can check out the posts of some of your fellow contributors.

Kind Regards.

Struggling with your Pingback?  Instructions are provided on the Ragtag Community About page.

Huge thanks to Tracy and others who set up drafts for when someone is out! -drkottaway. The photograph is mine from node point. Node point seems to be a birthplace of rocks. I don’t know what is hatching out – are the rocks hatching or are they eggs? Anyhow, an egg is like an exoskeleton, even if it’s a temporary one.



  1. And this is definitely the last time I’m changing my tags and pingbacks on this. I’m so glad I’m at home (due to a cold) and have an excuse for all the time I’m spending with my photos. 😂

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