RDP Sunday: forum

Very happy Sunday and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is forum.

Someone on Linked in asked to connect with me because “having your contact at my professional network would give me a great forum.”

My reply is, “What do you mean by a great forum?” Like, hello, what? Talk English, darn it.

Forum this and op ed that and IMHO and smiley face. I don’t like talk that doesn’t make sense. What does forum mean to you? It brings up Rome for me, and I am not sure I want to go to Rome with this linked in person that I don’t know. Draw a picture, take a photograph, translate your blog from English to Latin or write it in Greek! Link to this and check the other wonderful contributions.

I took the photograph last Sunday. This is where rocks are birthed, I think. It is a pretty strange local place on the Olympic Peninsula. Or maybe it’s a rock forum.



  1. An interesting challenge.
    Thank you Dr.
    For Most of the blog sites, ping back has stopped working ( though it’s enabled)
    Either the participant should post their URL in the comment box of the host/hostess or else the host/hostess should utilise the tag and find out the participants and acknowledge.

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