RDP Tuesday: strange

We need a seventh person: a Sunday person, to choose the word for the Ragtag Daily Prompt! (If someone would rather have Tuesday, I could switch to Sunday.) We need someone from anywhere who can give us a word once a week and post the prompt. I tend to do them ahead of time now, partly because it goes live 2 am my time, so I am mostly not up writing at 1 am.

You can check whether a word has been used, and it’s a great group of people.

Very happy Tuesday and the word is strange.

I took this photograph in June, 2014 at a coffee shop. I felt quite curious about the arrangement. Is the bear pleading or praying? Is the elephant meditating facing a corner? Or sulking? Who arranged these? What were they thinking? Strange.

Link your strange picture, poem, painting, story, fairytale, exotic dance, whatever! And remember to check the other contributions!

Contact us if you are interested in being the 7th Ragtag Daily Prompt wordsmith.



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