RDP Tuesday: immanent

Happy Tuesday and the word is immanent!

Immanent is one of those words that I have to spell check. Is it immenent? Imminent? Immenant? I could go on. It is those vowels that all sound the same at the end of words that always get me. I spell by sound, a tactile auditory learner, so I can’t see the word in my mind. I can knit at conferences and each stitch helps me remember the lecture just as well as taking notes. In medical school I took copious notes and barely read them again. It was the tactile action of taking the notes that engraved things in my memory, as well as sound. We had people who stayed home and read the texts and the class notes. I almost never missed a class. Reading did not work as well. It helps if I read aloud and take notes, but then I might as well go to the lecture!

What is immanent in your life? Draw a picture, write copious notes, record an interpretive dance, or think up something else. Finger puppets acting out a definition. Pipelink to this and look at the other fabulous contributions! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Rocks are even more varied than ways of spelling immanent.



      1. My house was built in 1900; Yours is probably not a new house either. Old houses are tough to prepare for aging. And I don’t think the remodeling industry has put a lot of thought into how to do it. the gardening end of things is the easy part.

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