RDP Tuesday: sock

Very happy Tuesday Ragtag Daily Prompt. The word is sock.

Sock! Sock it to me, lost sock, one sock, two socks. I am on a sock knitting roll. I knit three pairs for Christmas for son, daughter-in-law and daughter and they were very much liked! My travel plans took a detour and a friend gave me this yarn, so this pair is for me. Not a very popular color, I think, which is why they are for me.

What does sock inspire? Pictures, stories, lost socks, new socks, things socked away, please add your contribution and a pingback. Remember to enjoy the other contributions. Have a great Tuesday!



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    1. I used a bike bell on my rolling laptop stand. I would bribe kids to behave, saying, “You can ring the bell at the end if you let your (mom/dad) and me talk.” Their eyes would light up.


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