Wednesday? Stop-gap

The (for now) prompt for Wednesday, January 4 is “stop-gap”

Do you have a photograph, a drawing, a story? It’s all good! Remember to look at the other contributions. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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      1. Among the theories I’ve heard espoused by some anthropologists, humans are now influencing their own evolution. I go along with this in terms of epigenetics; I’m unsure about its biology. Part of the issue is that we are insisting on treating the species as a biological whole rather than a really fractured group of societies going in wildly different directions.
        I’m reminded of some fishermen I knew in the 1970s who were against conservation efforts for fish populations; they claimed that ” if we don’t get them, somebody else will.” As long as that sort of thinking prevails among nations and societies, progress will be hard.

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      2. That deprivation “philosophy” prevails in many areas. I have no idea what we humans are doing. I was influenced by the Zero Population Growth idea of the late 60s. I went to hear Paul Erlich speak and decided that other people could have the children. I didn’t even think that was a strange decision, but as time wore on, I took a lot of flack for being a childless, educated person with a decent living, like somehow I owed it to something — I don’t know. I personally valued the OTHER adults in my life and was happy to take that role myself for the kids around me and my students. One of the books I read for the contest bitched at boomers for having had so many children and giving up. It’s the whole “you took something from us” mythos of human society there…

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