RDP Sunday: path

Very happy RDP Sunday: my word is path.

I have been thinking about paths a lot lately. Now it’s a new year and what path will open up? Of course, some things might jump out at us from behind bushes or at twists and turns we can’t see. And then there is pathology, which is connected to path for any physician. We need the pathology report before knowing what to do. And there must be lots of other meanings of path which presently escape my New Year brain, all befuddled.

Link your prose, poems, photographs, monographs, seismographs, and any other graphs on the theme of paths to this and joy to you in this New Year. Hopefully not many of those noxious surprises this year. Check the other contributions. For instructions on the pingback go here. Have the least noxious Tuesday that you can!

Sol Duc bravely blazes a path in the new snow!



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