RDP Wednesday: RISE

Very happy Wednesday and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is rise.

Rise and shine and Happy Solstice! Today is the day the year turns, to winter and spring in the northern hemisphere and to summer and fall in the southern. And then there is the mysterious equator, the balance point.

What is rising for you? Photographs, painting, I made a toy shark out of grey cat fur after brushing the cat, ideas can rise, so can bubbles and heat. Do your post and link to here and check out the other multitudinous brilliant contributions.

This is Emerald, a female Anna’s Hummingbird. She rose before the sun yesterday and banged on the window, wanting snow removal services. The feeder looks icy, but she was at it the minute the snow was cleared. I took the photograph through my desk window.



  1. Isn’t it nice how animals think we control the weather? Our cat complained about the snow to me and after checking on all three sides of our apartment that lead outside (surprise! there was snow on all three sides!) demanded forcibly that I wave my magic wand and make the white stuff disappear.

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    1. Well, we control doors and food, why not weather? Seems sort of reasonable to me. I felt the same way about my parents when I was very small. They weren’t controlling things to my approval.

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