RDP Tuesday: conniption

Happy Tuesday and today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is conniption.

Is conniption always paired with fit? Does it need to be? Hmm, the dictionary on line says an attack of hysteria. Did you know that hysteria was initially thought to be caused by a build up of “evil humors” in the uterus? The women thought to be most prone to it were widows, old maids and nuns. I can’t go into more detail about that in a family blog.

Looking further, it means a fit of sorts, so pairing it with fit might be emphasis? Or redundant? Who can judge?

Draw a picture, send a telegram, rent a plane and draw the word conniption in smoke in the sky, spell out conniption with letters and paste them over photographs of, well, let’s see. There are some prominent names I would pair with conniption right now and they are male rather than female.

Link your contribution and read the others!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



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