RDP Tuesday: sonnet

Very happy Tuesday and the word is sonnet.

You could write one, or not. You could read us a favorite one. You could tell us you hate sonnets and why. You could tell the tale of trying to say the sonnet you were supposed to have memorized in school and what that was like. You could paint a sonnet or do a collage that illustrates one. Link to this and then read the other contributions.

I wrote my first sonnet this week. I read this website to try to get it sort of right: https://classicalpoets.org/2015/12/02/how-to-write-a-sonnet/#/ . I am satisfied with it. Even though I have not written a sonnet, I was in an adult Shakespeare improvization class. I particularly remember playing tag. It started with a ten syllable sentence. When you were tagged, you had to give a sentence that rhymed and add a second ten syllable sentence. This took quite a bit of concentration while trying to avoid being tagged! You have to remember the rhyming word at the end of the last sentence. I loved it. I thought improv was just like clinic. I never know what is going to happen in clinic, either.

Here are the cats, doing sun nap improv. If this is the only chair in the sun, they get along.



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