RDP Tuesday: ogreish

Happy Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday. My word is ogreish.

I have to look up the spelling because I want to spell it ogrish. Oh, well. What do you have in your life that is ogreish? Link a photograph, a story, an epic novel, a 5000 word essay on ogres, a crayon drawing, an oil painting. Perhaps you do not have any ogreish things. My house might have ogreish dust elephants.

Check out the other contributions and have the best Tuesday that you can have.

The photograph is from June 2015, taken by a family member with my phone. Ogres like to sail, at least some of them!



    1. Beautiful — I liked the cold when I lived in Alamosa, but going to the hospital to admit or do a delivery at 2 am at 20 below….BRRRR!


    1. Shrek is much nicer than the Ogre in Dick Whittington’s Cat. “Turn again, Dick Whittington, thrice Lord Mayor of London”.


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