RDP Tuesday: WET

Very happy Tuesday Ragtag Daily Prompt and the word is WET!

I camped at a music festival in Ohio recently in a tent and it rained nearly the entire time! It was WET! I only wore shoes on the sharp bits and water shoes. Mostly I was barefoot. All the music was in tents too. It was still wonderful in spite of being wet. And the picture shows we were dry under the tent.

Let us see what the word wet brings up. Oceans, lakes, rain, water, streams, rivers, tears, or a glass. Draw a picture, tell your story, paint, sing or write a script. Link your contribution and don’t forget to look at other contributions!



  1. I went to hear Flogging Molly in Del Mar, CA about a hundred years ago. It rained. No tents. The event promoters threw tarps into the audience and tall people held them up (seriously). The band was covered by tarps, and a sheet of water fell behind them. I love that band, but I don’t think the concert would have been as good without that craziness and cooperation.

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