Tuesday RDP: chalcedony

Very happy Tuesday and the Ragtag Daily Prompt word is chalcedony.

We called these agates for most of the last two years. Chalcedony includes agates, moss agates, bloodstone and a number of other stones. Chalcedony and quartz differ in their crystal structure and chalcedony contains moganite.

I am just scratching the surface of learning about rocks and minerals and gems. We search for the clear chalcedony on the beaches. The color is different impurities. I found these four one day last week.

Write a story, show us a picture, attach your erudite PhD thesis on geology, play with words or pictures and then look at the other peoples’ work. Have a wonderful Tuesday!



  1. Too many stories to write/link to – but! Thanks! I learned a ‘new to me word’ today! “Chalcedony” – hmmm… boy doesn’t that word refer to a myriad of things, places and people – 😀 I’m not a geologist, but learning about it is sure beneficial to seeing many things through the perspective of ‘what the natural world tells us’ – ain’t it though?

    I’m ‘very, very’ knew to this blog, and so, if it’s not ‘preferred/allowed’ for me simply to comment, say thanks here, in comments? Instead of writing/posting and pinging back? Please say so/tell me now! I will NOT be offended for you telling me da rules of ‘your space’ – 😀 (I have done this, because others, have given me the leeway to do so – but that doesn’t mean…. you wish to…. 😀

    I am, really enjoying, reading your prompts! Learning something new every day and fun things to read by those previously unknown to me! Thanks!

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      1. Okey-dokey, then – but never doubt my commitment to hearing, “Um, TamrahJo, could you please just follow the rules and post on your own blog, instead of comments and link back here? ”

        I do acknowledge my greater love of the ‘coversations’ had than I do of ‘building my own blog roll readership (I’m cynical on such things_) but I also understand sometimes, I barge in where not wanted/needed and wouldve been better off for everyone, if I had just read/liked and kept my ‘typing fingers shut’ – LOL

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