Ragtag Daily Prompt: fossil

Very happy Tuesday: my word today is FOSSIL.

My ex calls himself the fossil. I went to a beach to find fossils on Friday. I found fossil snails and fossil clams, where the shell has been replaced by rock. A friend found an agatized snail, where most of the shell was replaced by clear agate. Wow! That is the best find of the day. There is thick mud chunks that are washing out in to the tide and they are studded with rocks and sometimes fossils. There are some that we don’t recognize and have not identified.

Link your picture of a fossil or drawing or an ancient friend or a dinosaur. Link back to this and check out all the other fossils. Have a wonderful Tuesday and I hope you don’t feel like a fossil yourself.

Here is one of the mud chunks with rocks studded in it.

Happy Solstice.



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