RDP Tuesday: envy

Very happy delightful Tuesday and my word is ENVY.

I want to use envy because of a Seattle band song….only I will put that up on my other blog. Because it is totally silly and with all of the difficult things going on and grief, I need time out for silliness at times.

But YOU, dear reader or writer or photographer or dance troupe or art installation genius or beginner, may take envy seriously or not! Attach your image, drawing, song, art installation, epigram, sonogram, telegram or WHATEVER and then go check out everyone else’s. Or do it the other way around: my mother was an artist and she said, “Go to the museums, steal the ideas, and make them your own!” Yes, do this now. And today is her birthday, remembrance.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and make everyone envious.

Me, I’m envious of these two. I am hoping they are both ecstatic dancing and this is not a pursuit.



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