RDP Tuesday: behavioral

Very happy Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday! My word is behavioral.

I think of this in the context of behavioral health, which has slowly been replacing mental health which in turn replaces other even more stigmatizing words. However, there are many other ways we could use this word and it is up to YOU, dear writers, photographers, poets, mathematicians, internet surfers, to figure out how to use it on this delightful Tuesday. And link your answer and check out the others!

How about behavioral challenges with enormous turtles?



    1. OOoo, one of my Uncles was a linguist. He had a critical academic mind. Once at dinner he informed me that halibut was not an authentic ingredient for a Thai coconut milk based soup. I removed his bowl with abject apologies and offered him peanut butter and jelly. He protested that inauthenticity was not a criticism! I gave him his soup back, heh.


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