Tuesday RDP: wedding!

Whew! Very happy Tuesday! My son and daughter-in-law got married on Saturday after postponing in 2020 for covid and 2021 for covid and hooray! My word is WEDDING!

Besides a pandemic, other snafus included a car breakdown with the groom and two groomsman, which kept one up until 3 am, the church getting hit by an “extreme weather event” leading to a last minute church change, and I forgot to sing the chorus twice at the start as cantor. It was my first time as both cantor and mother-of-the-groom. It was still a wonderful wedding and everyone got through it with laughter and kindness and dancing.

Post your pictures, your thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams, collages, oil paintings, black velvet paint by number, bean pictures, whatever you want for the word wedding. I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday.



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