Tuesday Ragtag Daily Prompt: SOFT

Very happy Tuesday and my Ragtag Daily Prompt is soft.

Soft, warm, happy: what does soft bring up for you? Texture? A kitten? The clawed bits are not so soft. We got a black kitten at the pound years ago. She would purr the instant she was picked up. That was my cat Boa, who died two years ago right before covid. I guess BC will have a new meaning for a while… before covid. I think we are all hoping for AC soon: After Covid.

Draw something soft, take a picture, tell a story, write a poem. We need some softness in the world just now. Soft prayers for those at war. The world is small enough and connected enough now that it is all of us.

And who is the man in the picture? He is very famous but you may not know his face. I love his expression which I think is also soft.



    1. My mother would very much have agreed. She said that if you had run out of art ideas, go to a museum and get more!


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