RDP Tuesday: Sea lion

Very happy Tuesday. My Ragtag Daily Prompt is sea lion.

A friend and I are walking the beach on Marrowstone Island in the fog and hear deep backs.

I bark back. My friend does too. We exchange barks with the whatever they ares. I cannot back as low as the senior boss barking creature. The fog is dissipating and we can see the island. It looks very lumpy. My zoom lens resolves the lumps: sea lions. My friend says, “You know, they can come ashore.” I move further from the waves, a bit nervous. These are Stellar Sea Lions, the biggest ones, and they can reach ten feet in length. They are huge and predators and can eat 10% of their weight in a meal.

Draw a picture, send a photograph, describe a dream, portray a play, write wonderful words and link to this post. Then read the other wonderful links and have a delightful sea lion day.

Stellar Sea lions near Marrowstone Island in the Salish Sea


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