RDP Tuesday: CHAOS

Very happy Tuesday and my Ragtag Daily Prompt word is CHAOS.

I put up a poem that I wrote before 2009 last week. I’d have to look up exactly when I wrote it: either in the late 1980s or early 1990s. I am thinking about all the ways we avoid feeling and chaos is a big one. Being a hero and the one in charge and the crisis manager is another. If we are busy saving everyone else, there is no time for our feelings, right?

What does chaos mean to you? And prayers for everyone in chaos, in the areas at war, the areas people do not have enough food, the areas where people are being killed for every reason we can imagine. Draw, write, photograph. Maybe it is a sock drawer that is in chaos: that might be comforting with everything that is happening, just to pair socks and feel a little bit useful.

Link your contribution and read the others! Blessings and thank you!



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