Our backyard was large enough for a small baseball diamond. The boundaries were the two orange groves behind us and the neighbor’s house. Hitting the neighbor’s house was very uncool. Going into the orange groves was worse. That neighbor owned a dog. Being chased by Mr. Flippse’s dog would lead to Mr. Flippse calling us all “rascals”. We would run away as fast as we could!

The Ragtag Daily Prompt is:


Does that word bring up a memory? Does it stir a thought?

Turn that thought or memory into a post. Use whatever method seems appropriate. Then put it here with a pingback (or copy and paste to the comments). Use the tags “RDP’, “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “Rascal”

Then come back and read what others have posted. That is the fun of it all!

See you next Sunday!



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