Living in an isolated place has its advantages. There is wildlife everywhere. Lions (as in Mountain Lion), Cats (as in Linx, barncats, etc.) and Bears (as in real life big ones!)

OH, MY!!!

My favorites are the deer (they run away from you) and the big birds (they ignore you). There is no fear in watching those wonderful creatures. Occasionally, the birds hang out near by. The barn owl that announces dusk and dawn and the hawk that observes the world from the highest perch in the area are my favorites.

With that in mind, the RDP for Sunday is:


Take that word and let your brain create. It can be a picture, a bit of poetry, a painting, some prose–whatever fits your fancy. Post your creation here with tags of “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “Hawk”. Set a pingback or copy and paste to the comments here.

Don’t forget to come back and see what others have posted (I was gonna say “Hawked up” but it didn’t seem genteel!!)

Stay safe and well. See you next Sunday!



  1. Our local deer teach the fawns to cross at the cross walks in town. And the locals know: if there is one deer crossing the road, wait. Because it is not one deer. It is at least two or three or four.

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