RDP Tuesday: READY

Good day! Happy Tuesday and my Ragtag Daily Prompt is READY.

What are you ready for? Pictures, stories, electron micrographs, maps, link your post to this and have a really wonderful Tuesday — and what am I ready for? Honestly, I am ready for spring and here it is, only January. Though I am in the Pacific Northwest, and my camellia will bloom in late January or early February. I always wonder “What are you thinking?” but it doesn’t like heat. It is on the south face of my house and would really rather be east or west or north. I think it is stuck, though. Maybe I should make it a tent, if we continue to get one hundred degree weather in the summer, though I hope we don’t.

The photograph is not a camellia and is from June 11, 2016, on a neighborhood walk. Spring flowers. I am ready. The sun is coming back, but slowly. Many years we stay cold until after the Summer Solstice, until July. I mind most in February and April and want to be in Alexandria, Virginia and see the dogwoods and cherry trees. More sun. Maybe I can sneak south for a week at some point if Covid-19 calms down.



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