This time of year brings memories of sitting with other children listening to the librarian reading Clement Clarke Moore’s poem called ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’. At its conclusion my father would always explain that St. Nicholas was Norwegian. Then he would regale us with the myths and stories surrounding the time of Solstice that he had been taught.

We always laughed. The day was always one that could be described by today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt:


Do you have a memory of such a day or time? Is there a tale to tell with this one little word? I hope so.

Create a post using the word as your inspiration. Then post your creation with a pingback (or copy and paste to the comments here) Don’t forget to use the tags “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “JOVIAL”. Then come back and read what everyone else has written.

This will be a lot of fun.

See you next Sunday!



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