RDP Tuesday: seal

Very happy Ragtag Daily Prompt on Tuesday. My word today is seal.

Will you use seal as a noun or a verb or as an imprecation? Do you have a photograph, a drawing, a poem, a song, or all of the above? Post your link and let us see and look at everyone elses’ contribution. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

I took my photograph from the beach, when the fog was clearing. I had the camera at full zoom and could not really see the subject of my photograph. We had heard seals from the beach, but I could not tell whether it was seals or rocks. Later as the fog cleared, more appeared and the island changed shape: here.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.



    1. Bravo! I agree! These workers have been undervalued for ages and why should they return to a job where they are poorly paid, no retirement, no sick leave, no vacation? And no child care, which is also horrendously paid!


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