RDP Wednesday – LETHAL

Our prompt for today is “lethal”.

What does the word mean to you? Compose a post, and share your interpretation of the day’s prompt in words or pictures. You know the rules. Use “ragtag daily prompt” , “RDP” , and “lethal” as tags. Add “photo” if you’re sharing a picture, as specific tags make your posts easier for fellow bloggers to find you. Pingback your posts to this page or copy-paste your links in the comment thread here. And while you’re around, browse through the other posts bloggers have worked on.


  1. I love this quotation. I may have to adopt it. There are two quotations I typed out–one of them forty years ago (egads) and one twenty years ago–that I have taped to my desk everyplace I’ve lived. I think I may add this one.

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      1. “That big hour of decision, the turning point in your life, the some day you’ve counted on when you’d suddenly wipe out your past mistakes, do the work you’d never done, think the way you’d never thought, have what you’d never had – it just doesn’t come suddenly. You’ve trained yourself yourself for it while you waited – or you’ve let it all run past you and and frittered yourself away.” (From The Autumn Garden by Lillian Hellman, but I remember once reading that it was actually Dashiell Hammet who contributed that particular line. He helped her write it and got 15 percent of the royalties.

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