RDP Tuesday: myocarditis

Very happy Tuesday. My Ragtag Daily Prompt is myocarditis.

Myo for muscle, cardi- for heart and -itis for inflammation. How is your heart? Brave, kind, smart, tenacious, inflammed, fast, slow…. post your picture, your story, your ECG, your valentines for the Tuesday Ragtag Daily Prompt. Link back to this, check out all the other submissions and have a wonderful Tuesday!



    1. Recent study compared myocarditis and pericarditis between vaccinated young people and unvaccinated sick with covid. It is much higher and more frequent in the unvaccinated with Covid-19.


  1. I should say that people are scared of “myocarditis”. That didn’t occur to me. It is inflammation of the heart, irritation but not infection and the vaccinated people with it recover quickly from what I have read. There is a decreased chance of recovery in the people with covid-19 infection and myocarditis. It is the difference.between a partial immune response and one that is overwhelming.


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