RDP- Sunday- Aghast

The world has been through so much. We each have trials and tribulations that we did not expect. The daily news brings angst and tribulation. My brain, in defense of its sanity, immediately goes to the absurd. I think of old movies and burlesque with people gasping and holding their hands over their mouths; eyes wide and faces wrinkled in shock. And I giggle. People around me find this reaction shocking.

They exhibit the Ragtag Daily Prompt!

They are AGHAST!!!

Take the word, let it rattle around in your mind until it forms as idea, a thought, another word. Then create a post. Put it here either with a pingback or by the copy and paste method. Don’t forget to tag your post with the words “RDP”. “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “Aghast”.

Then come back to read what others have written. That’s half the fun!

Stay safe and I will see you next Sunday!



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