RDP Friday – Resignation

Well, my working at home days are almost done.  Yes, with the virus still raging and no way of knowing what things will be like when classrooms and campuses are crammed with students, maybe vaxxed, probably not wearing masks, I have to go back to an office full-time on campus on Monday, while 100% of my work will still be virtual.  Resignation is the most polite word I can come up with for how I feel about that.  So, that’s today’s word.  Resignation !  I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations in words, images, poems, videos, and whatever other creations you come up with…have fun!

Don’t forget to tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt” (and whatever other tags work for your blog), and to create a pingback or copy/paste your post link in the comments. Then take a tour and enjoy the many interpretations of Resignation .




  1. I hear you. I too work for the board of education. Thank goodness I am on LTD when the virus hit the world. Stay safe.


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