Today’s word comes for the Latin “gutter” which means “throat”. And the first Webster definition is “articulated in the throat”.

A sound from the throat, hmmm… The immediate image that came to mind was our choir singing a song that required “throat singing”.


Yup. It is a thing. It comes from the Mongolia area and it rather fascinating. Just so you know what it is, here is a little clip of the amazing sound.

Now back to the original programing—-

The Sunday Ragtag Daily Prompt is


Take your definition of the word and let it inspire you to create a post. Doesn’t matter if it is a picture, prose, poem or other media. Just post it here with a pingback (or cut and paste to the comments!) Tag it with the words “RDP”, “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “guttural”.

Let’s see what we get!

Happy Sunday to you all. See you next week!



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