Ok. This word seems a bit (a bit?) obscure. Until this appeared in the Irish Times in February of 2012:

“Almost without exception I find the exchanges on this page to be polite and well-reasoned. However, recently there was a series of letters that made my blood boil. How could so many seemingly reasonable people be so wrongheaded? I am speaking, of course, of the exchange of views on Brussels sprouts. I’m sure many of you were equally taken aback. How could such a wonderful food be the object of such vile calumnies?” — Russ Parsons, The Irish Times, 6 Feb.2021

Intrigued (and ignorant of its meaning) a further investigation found that CALUMNY is currently defined as a misrepresentation designed to harm another’s reputation!

Contemplate that for a moment. Does it ring any mental bells? Does it set off a reason to post? Do you laugh or cry at the thoughts it creates?

Take all of that and use it to create a post—prose, poem, drawing, photograph,—whatever comes to mind for you. Post it here with a pingback and tag it with “RDP”, Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “Calumny”. Then come back to see what others have done with the word!

That’s the fun!!!

Take care, be safe and see you next Sunday!



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