INVEIGLE-a word that dates from the 16th century, refers to the act of using clever talk, trickery, or flattery either to persuade somebody to do something or to obtain something (Merriam-Webster)

But did you know that its roots come from eyesight—or the lack thereof.  It’s base comes from the Medieval Latin ab oculis which translates as “lacking eyes”!

There are thousands of ideas surrounding this simple word. Let it get under your skin and into the creative parts of your brain. Then create a post–a poem, a literary masterpiece, a drawing, a photograph, a snippet of thought–anything you wish. Tag your creation with “RDP”, Ragtag Daily Prompt”, and “Inveigle” (That’s so we can all see it!) Then post it here, set a pingback and look around at what others have posted.

Have fun, be safe, and I will see you next Sunday!



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